The Most Read Books

The What Middletown Read Database reproduces the circulation records of the Muncie (Indiana) Public Library from 1891 to 1902, with a gap from May, 1892 to November, 1894.  Here are the most often borrowed books for that period.  Children’s books dominate, with a few adult fiction titles.

     Author                 Title No. of Times Borrowed No. of Borrowers
Louisa May Alcott Under the Lilacs* 478 397
Horatio Alger The Young Adventurer 422 341
Martha Finley Elsie Dinsmore* 421 393
L.T. Meade A World of Girls 373 271
Horatio Alger The Telegraph Boy 364 321
Charles Fosdick Frank on a Gunboat 363 319
Horatio Alger The Young Circus Rider* 359 269
Charles Fosdick George at the Fort* 349 305
Martha Finley Holiday at Roselands* 342 311
Marie Corelli The Sorrows of Satan* 342 280
Martha Finley Elsie’s Womanhood* 327 292
Augusta Evans St. Elmo* 327 291
Charles Fosdick Frank on the Lower Mississippi* 325 290
Martha Finley Elsie’s Girlhood* 315 289
Charles Fosdick George in Camp* 310 279
Horatio Alger Ragged Dick* 308 283
Charles Fosdick Frank in the Woods* 299 261
Horatio Alger The Young Miner 297 263
Amelia Barr Bernicia 291 262
Edward Westcott David Harum 289 267
Charles Fosdick George at the Wheel 288 264
Horatio Alger Tattered Tom 287 256

*Two or more copies in circulation

Jim C.


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